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4 Tips To Buying The Perfect Boat Cover For Your Boat by Abhishek Agarwal


To take good care of your boat you would have to consider buying a boat cover. This is the protective shield that will ensure that your boat is safeguarded from many different problems. Though you may not realize the worth of having a cover for your boat initially, you will definitely realize what it can do for the well being of your boat finally. This simple accessory will bring down the cost of the wear and tear of your boat enormously. Taking into consideration the cost of repairs that could be a factor of having no protection for your boat, it is a wise decision to get a suitable boat cover.

Covers can provide several indispensable benefits for your boat
1. The boat remains clean and protected from dirt and rubbish
2. Protects from water and dampness
3. Prevents mildew and fungus
4. Protects the boat from the elements
5. Keep creatures out when boat is stationery
6. Reduces the threat of theft

With all these uses for a boat cover you will be convinced that you do need to procure one as soon as possible instead of leaving your boat open to any kind of damage.

1. Quality Standard of Boat Covers :
A good quality boat cover would be the first category on your list of choices. The durability of the fabric of the boat cover and the protective qualities that it can provide your boat with, are another essential factor.

2. The right size :
You would have to know what the size of your boat is. The cover that you buy should not be too loose or too tight. One that is too loose would not be able to seal the boat off securely and one that is too tight would be problematic to get on to your boat. The best option would be to get a custom built cover so that there is no error in the size that is required.

3. Sun Protection :
The fabric should be resistant to and one that gives protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun. If the cover fades due to the sunlight it will start looking old and shabby soon. The cover should also be mildew and water resistant. If the cover is of poor quality it will not have all these protective features and the whole purpose of putting a cover on the boat will be lost.

4. The ideal weight :
A lightweight boat cover will make it easier for you to handle it by yourself, instead of struggling with something that is heavy and unmanageable. The tie down straps of the cover should be tough and not snap. Ensure that your boat cover comes with a warranty so that if it tears you can always get a refund on it.

The manufacturer of the boat will be able to assist you as to what sort of cover would be an appropriate cover for your boat. Though most boat covers are an expensive feature they are worth the money you spend on, as this will finally give good protection for your boat.

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AGM And Gel Marine Batteries: Is The Higher Initial Price Cost Effective?

Batteries aren’t necessarily a commodity that consumers want to spend their money on-they just want their gadgets, vehicles, and boats to start without having to worry about how. That’s why when it comes to buying marine batteries, or any batteries for that matter, most consumers prefer to chose the least expensive option possible and save the extra cash for something a little more exciting. But does buying the cheaper battery actually cost more money?

The claim in the industry is that though AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Gel batteries cost more than their wet-cell counterparts, they actually save money in the long run. Consumers are justified in wondering why they should spend more on expensive AGM and Gel marine batteries. In a world of creative marketing, we’ve all learned that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better value. In order to find out, I checked with battery experts, not manufactures, to find out if AGM and Gel marine batteries were really worth the higher initial price.

It turns out that people who spend an awful lot of thinking about batteries all came to same conclusion; that overall, the AGM and Gel marine batteries are more cost effective over time than wet cell acid marine batteries. Many noted that the dollar value of that cost savings depends on quite a few factors, including how often boaters use their boats, percentage of time cruising, etc, but for regular boat users, the lifetime cost of AGM and Gel marine batteries is considerably less than that of a wet cell battery.

The other significant benefit of both AGM and Gel marine batteries is that they are maintenance free, which means no checking fluid levels, no adding water, no worrying about the fact that if you don’t do these things, you could force your battery into early retirement. Also because AGM and Gel marine batteries are sealed, there’s no corrosion and are spill-proof. They have a slower discharge rate than wet cell marine batteries, more discharge current, and lower deep discharge failure.

In the case of marine batteries, it seems that spending more now really does pay off in the end. Wet cell marine batteries generally sell in the $55 range, Gel marine batteries start at around $85, and AGM’s start in the hundreds and go up from there. But what about all the other accessories for my boat that I’d rather spend money on now?

I suppose I understand where the battery experts are coming from. Though I avoided rechargeable batteries for my home electronics for years because of the price, once I made the switch, I felt pretty smart about not having to run out the store to buy batteries or be unexpectedly stuck with electronics that didn’t work. Now when I see people using alkaline batteries, I’m constantly tossing in my 2 cents about the value of spending more for longer lasting batteries.

In the end, whether or not AGM or Gel marine batteries is a justifiable choice really depends on the boat owner. Yes, you’ll get your money back over the batteries lifetime. But if you’ve been stuck on a boat with no power, spent time cleaning corrosion off terminals, or destroyed a battery by forgetting to maintenance it, the choosing AGM or Gel marine batteries is probably a no-brainer.

Boat Parts and Accessories

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How can I find retailers selling boat parts and accessories in my local area?

I typed Marina in and all that came up were Marinas that just allow you to dock your boat, not selling parts. The local area is Portland OR if this helps. I'd like to find a retail store where I can go to buy fuel lines, gas tanks, anchors, ropes, and other parts and accessories for a boat.

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Try West Then use the "Store Locator". If nobody close by, type in Boating Supply

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