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Destroyerwood Model

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Network Models - part 2

The Internet, TCP/IP, DOD Model

This model is sometimes called the DOD model since it was designed for the department of defense It is also called the TCP/IP four layer protocol, or the internet protocol. It has the following layers:

1.  Link - Device driver and interface card which maps to the data link and physical layer of the OSI model.

2.  Network - Corresponds to the network layer of the OSI model and includes the IP, ICMP, and IGMP protocols. Read more about networking, ccna certification and networking tips,

3.  Transport - Corresponds to the transport layer and includes the TCP and UDP protocols.

4.  Application - Corresponds to the OSI Session, Presentation and Application layers and includes FTP, Telnet, ping, Rlogin, rsh, TFTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, your program, etc.

Please note the four layer TCP/IP protocol. Each layer has a set of data that it generates.

1.  The Link layer corresponds to the hardware, including the device driver and interface card. The link layer has data packets associated with it depending on the type of network being used such as ARCnet, Token ring or ethernet. In our case, we will be talking about ethernet.

2.  The network layer manages the movement of packets around the network and includes IP, ICMP, and IGMP. It is responsible for making sure that packages reach their destinations, and if they don't, reporting errors.

3.  The transport layer is the mechanism used for two computers to exchange data with regards to software.

The two types of protocols that are the transport mechanisms are TCP and UDP. There are also other types of protocols for systems other than TCP/IP but we will talk about TCP and UDP. The following site gives more info about networking and network model.


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